KDR Research – Finance

Let’s face it, most of us mere mortals do not have the cash liquidity to be able to finance a KDR project ourselves which means we have to turn the banks to lend us the hundreds and thousands of dollars to make our dream a reality. I think you can only truly call your “dream home” your dream home because you chose to start from scratch and chose a builder to build it for you. This is not to say that there are people that have purchased established homes as their dream home but there’s something special in being able to decide on every aspect of a house design from tiles, kitchen, power point locations, size of the walk in robes down to the millimetre. Those fine details of your dream home costs dollars…lots of it.

KDR Journey – The Builder Search

The search for a builder and that specific floor plan that suits your family’s every want and needs are an exciting part of the KDR journey. From my personal experience it would be a good idea to take a GoPro or your phone to take a video of the designs that you like during a walkthrough and make actual notes about that design that you like and don’t like because after two weeks of looking at floor plans the builders seem to morph into one. It’s hard to recall from memory which builder it was that had the biggest bedrooms or which one had offered floor to ceiling tiling etc.

KDR Journey – Dream or Nightmare?

Three years ago we had explored the option of knocking down our existing home and rebuilding. Sadly, 2017 wasn’t quite the right time for us financially and we would have struggled to find a bank that would finance what we wanted to do. What we did instead is self-financed a home renovation out of our savings and rented the property out while we searched for our forever home. In 2021 this is clearly not working out for us and our growing frustration with the overvalued houses in the market has forced us to explore the knock down rebuild option once again.

Ubiquiti UDM Pro

One of the things that I have been obsessing over the last few months is the current set up our home network. Since March when the “working from home” had started, a bunch of issues had popped up and reliability of the home network was mediocre. I had been aware of Ubiquiti as a product but not familiar with the networking family of routers, switches and access points. I thought about getting a Wifi 6 router and just be done with it but the jury is still out on Wifi 6 and we don’t have a single wifi 6 device in the house. Unifi for a home setup is considered prosumer class, I was a little bit cautious and didn’t want to dive in head first as some people have mentioned that it has a relatively steep learning curve especially if basic networking is new to you.

Trek Crockett 5 2020

The wait times for Trek’s gravel bike the Trek Checkpoint is insane. I have asked two to three different shops now and all of them have quoted me at least December 2020. I tried looking on the second hand market through Facebook but nothing is being sold in my size. An event due in July 2020 was my target date in getting a gravel specific bike but I knew I had next to no hope in getting one or at least the one I wanted. A couple of weeks before the event, a Trek Crockett 5 2020 was posted for sale on Bicycle Market in my size 52, there were quite a few interest, a few people commenting and tagging their mates. From there my obsessive research began…