26 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Disclosed

What Is This About?

On Oct. 10 Microsoft released 10 security bulletins (MS06-056 to MS06-065) covering more than two dozen separate vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer browser software and Office products including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. General dangers include:

  • Loss of personal data
  • Remote system access by cyber criminals
  • Denial of service and buffer overflow attacks
  • “Drive by” downloads of malware and other unauthorized programs

How Do I Find Out More?

How This Affects You

McAfee customers with our latest, updated anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware security software, such as new VirusScan® Plus 2007, are protected from the combined threats posed by these latest vulnerabilities.

“Think of your Microsoft OS or browser as an apartment complex with open windows allowing the bad guys inside,” said Marc Solomon, McAfee director of product management. “We can’t shut down the access but we help detect, clean or block the malware that slips through before it can compromise your system, identity or files.”

Ongoing Microsoft vulnerabilities underscore the need to 1) Regularly update your operating system with the latest patches, and 2) Maintain active virus, hacker, spyware and other identity theft protection.

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