$90 Million Oz Lotto – What would you do with money?

The biggest prize on offer in the history of Australian lottery is upon us and for every one in two adults who have purchased what they hope to be a winning ticket is asking themselves – “What would I do with the money?” – My answer is “what wouldn’t I do with it!”.

Everybody dreams of a large windfall one way or another, it’s one of those fantasies that most people have except of course the filthy rich where $90 million is spare change. It’s an overwhelming thought, being able to buy, do and go to places you have always wanted. You would get at least a couple of minutes daydream time out of it, picturing yourself in a European destination, driving a exotic cars and owning a beachfront mansion complete with a Ferreti yacht. My dream is not as extravagant, Donna & I would travel to Europe to visit some of the countries we missed out on and then head over to Asia. Come back home and build our dream house, buy a couple of cars, then start a family and pay off our families mortgages so they can retire. Perfect right! It’s simple and realistic. I also want to buy a racehorse I think or breed thoroughbred, I’ve always wanted that, I think that would be an exciting venture. I know Donna would probably buy shoes, in the thousands that would put Imelda Marcos to shame. Perhaps an investment in a shoe factory would be wise.

The only problem is the odds of winning is about 1 in 45 million which means you have less chance of winning this draw than dying in a plane crash. But if you’re like me who leaves things to the last minute and not buy a ticket, then you have absolutely no chance of winning.

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