ADSL2+ Here I come!!

I was beginning to wonder why I haven’t been offered this particular plan or a migration to the new ADSL2 DSLAM’s that TPG has been rolling out vigorously over the last few months. I was thinking perhaps it was because I wasnt spending enough – Well I am only on a $29.95 plan which doesnt even exist anymore. But surprise surprise… I received this email the other day while I was rummaging through my TPG Inbox which I hardly use, to my pleasant surprise an invite has been sent for me to migrate to this new plan. Hell Yeah! 24 mbits speeds…WHY NOt! Clicked on the link and registered my intentions to migrate which will cost me a whopping 4 cents extra a month. Better apply for a personal Loan.

Now I have to get myself an ADSL2 compatible router…just another bloody thing to add to my shopping list – its neverending.

Dear Valued Customer,

The ADSL Broadband plan you are currently subscribed to is no longer available due to a significant Telstra wholesale price increase.

We are pleased to offer you a FREE upgrade to TPG’s Super Fast Broadband Service (ADSL2+) with download speeds of up to 24Mbps!
This new service is offered to you at $29.99 per month, with 600 Megabyte download limit per month before throttling. The current Terms and Conditions will apply however a 6-month commitment would be required.
Within a few weeks of your application, we will inform you about the progress and your date of migration to our ADSL2+ service.

We would like to encourage you to take up this great offer, as it is one of the most competitive ADSL2+ plans available.
For more information about the migration process and our new ADSL2+ technology, please visit our FAQs

If you choose not to take the ADSL2+ offer, in the near future, after receiving a separate notification email, you will be required to move to one of our currently offered ADSL plans
The standard $59.00 change of plan fee will not apply, nor will contract periods

Please visit by 23/5/2006 to accept the ADSL2+ offer.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully

TPG Internet


After following the URL I was greeted with the tradional confirmation from TPG saying that thank you for registering your interest but we are not exactly sure when it will happen. I dont care really I can wait that long, my current 1500kbps speeds are sufficient in the meantime, just as long as they dont bugger it up and Im offline for days on end.

“Blessed by the ADSL Gods!”

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