Analyze Me!

The other night I was talking to a friend of my girlfriend and I asked her to tell me what her perception of me was. Even though I havent seen her all that much during the four years that I have been with my girlfriend, I figured that surely she has heard a few things about me, anyways the bottom line is it sort of refreshing yet mildly disturbing to find out whether you are the person that you think people see you as.


I think over the years I did change, I’ve become a bit sceptical of people which is completely the opposite of who I am. I like people. I like meeting new people and finding out what makes them tick. Find out about the journey that they took to get where they are today. I may not go out clubbin as often anymore and yes I do have one close circle of friends but they are my friends because they have stuck by me even after everything that has happened and every fucked up thing I may have done in the past. These are the reasons why I call the my friends.

I still enjoy life and even though I have lost a bit of spontaneity but it depends on how you interpret that word because it also means carelessness. I have always been guilty of being careless and I guess other people mistake that for being spontaneous.

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