Apple Fanatics!

Recently I was involved in a fiery argument with an Apple fanboi! here is the transcript:


hello Mac Users…

I’m thinking about getting a 15″ i7 MacBook Pro, planning to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8GB myself and replace the stock drive from the 5400rpm to the Momentus XT 500GB. My question is – Can someone please provide some feedback with Adobe CS5 usage, mainly Premiere CS5, Lightroom & Photoshop CS5?

My other option was the “soon to be released but delayed” Asus N53SV with the Intel SandBridge i7-2720m.


thanks for the info, I’ve just found out that the i7 in the 15″ macbook pro is not a quad core and that it’s only a dual core hyperthreaded.
I’ve decided to go get an Alienware M15x instead, with 8Gb of Ram with the i7 920xm (4 cores/ 8 threads)

Then the Apple Fanboi chimes in with his propaganda…


In the Mac world, we don’t care for the features as much as the user experience. You can always get cheaper and more features in Gilmore street. But you cannot buy build quality, the caché of owning a Mac, a solid OS and something that just works. If you like to look at feature lists and you have plenty of time to putz-around with the OS, you might be better off using something else other than a Mac. This is especially since you indicate you want to use Adobe apps.

Not that Adobe apps on the Mac are not as good, but I have the impression that Apple and Adobe do not like each other and investing in one of them may not be a good idea. At any rate, I get the same work done faster and probably with better quality (since I have more time to fine tune) with Apple pro apps. Final Cut for video, Aperture for photos, and a small, cheap and fast photo edit app called Pixelmator.


wow you sound like an Apple commercial.
Perhaps I don’t want to live in your “Mac world” because I do care about specs, that’s like saying you would buy a Rolls Royce with a Hyundai engine in it, you don’t care how it runs because it’s a “Rolls Royce” – that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read.

On the contrary you can “buy build quality” as you eloquently put it, you just have to pay three times as much. If I’m going to pay premium price, I want premium quality. I agree that the MacBook Pro is a superior build quality but at the end of the day, as a consumer you want to make sure you’re getting your value for money.

I guess we just have different requirements & attitudes towards technology.


I agree we look at technology differently. You care about what it says on paper. I care about what it does for me. I care to be able to lug my laptop all over the world and check it in with the rest of my baggage and expect it work wherever I get to. I care that if the OS on my laptop looks like its getting flaky that one hour on an install disk will fix it although that has not happened yet. I care that my productivity is maximized by the toolls I buy and use and I do not become a slave to them simply because I agonize over a trivial and over rated term called value for money. Value for money to me does not explain a missed hour of getting my business done simply because an inconsequential thing like a computer stopped me on my tracks and held me hostage. When it gets to crunch time, a P150k computer sounds a hell of a lot cheaper than what you stand to lose.

And you got your analogy wrong too. When you buy a Rolls, you don’t look at the specs if you buy from a Rolls dealer, or if you order a bespoke unit from the workshop in Crewe. You simply don’t. Doing so is the trademark of the crass, the uninformed and probably the newly rich. You buy a Hyundai that way because you want to tell all the guys in a Rolls: “Hey look at this! It costs 1/100th of your car but it can out run it, consume less gas, have seats wrapped in what looks like the same dead animal skin and you’re stupid for spending so much money on a car that can do the same thing.” Yeah right. What’s the price of respect when you’re dropped off for a high-level meeting. What’s the price of respect when you pop open your laptop in a sea of black, plastic thing-a-ma-jigs? How would people perceive you with a Macbook pro? How would people perceive you with an Alienware. Make that the 17x. It will say, power game player who has the money to buy hardware he wants in order to waste the time he cannot afford to waste. A game would be the only way you’d be able to get full measure out of that four core i7 with the dual raid drive and kick ass video card. Be my guest. Well, perhaps you might want to use it to render some video in Premiere. Home movies probably. Oh, and have you tried schlepping a 17x around? How’s you back? You think a Macbook Pro is heavy until you try lugging a 15x or 17x around.

I suggest you stop looking at value for money. That’s sounds like something that my marketing guys cooked up. Start looking at value for time. Work out how much value you create for yourself, your business or even your employer in an hour. Now relate that to how much you should spend to gain additional productivity. If the additional value your computer brings outweighs the cost of your time, go for it. if it doesn’t, well, then, keep on playing with value for money.

Money is nothing. You spend it, you lose it, you make it back. You lose time, you can never get it back. So you must live through life making the most of that not only to create more value for yourself, but also to enjoy life.

No, you’re right. You won’t survive in my world. No value for money.


you are clearly so wrapped up in yourself that you failed to comprehend what I’m trying to say and what I’ve already said. People like yourself who thinks they’re so much better than everyone else because you have no regard for money. Perhaps you have a surplus of cash and you’re the type of person who is happly to walk around with an Apple logo tatooed on their forehead frankly I couldn’t give a fuck what you think and the world that you live in. This was never a discussion whether the MAC OS was better than Windows OS, it was simply what is under the hood of both machines. They both run Intel chips, the MacBook Pro I was looking at was an i7 2.66 this is a dual core i7, the Alienware came with an i7 920xm quad core hyperthreaded, if the macbook pro 15″ was available with this chip then I can guarantee you that I would have bought it. In fact, I am waiting until Intel Sandy Bridge is shipped with the next generation MBP, I’ll be ordering one as soon as it comes out.

You say I care about what it says on paper and you simply care about what it does for you, well have you owned an Alienware laptop with the specs I quoted above? Probably not, so your statement means squat to me.

If you think that Mac users don’t care about specs, then why are there are three different MacBook versions, a 13″, 15″ & 17. The 13″ comes in two different choices of processor speeds, the 15″ comes with three and the 17″ comes with three different choices of cpu as well. To anyone with a brain and an ubiased logic would see that as Mac users wanting choices. The way you talk, you make it sound as if there is one ultimate MacBook Pro and it’s the MacBook pro against the world. Uninformed much?

You may use it for business, I use it for entertainment so no I don’t have anything to lose if my shitty Windows 7 fails. Ever heard of a backup? ever heard of a recovery tool that will reinstate your entire OS and files in 15 minutes? In my world there are such tools and a quite a variety of them in fact.

My car analogy is spot on, you’re just too narrowminded to understand it and too self-absorbed that you defy logic. Do you even listen to yourself?
The only people that can stand you are probably your staff, because you’re paying them money to do so.

You lack respect from other people because you try to buy it. Do I respect you for your material possesions? HELL NO.
I pity the likes of you who needs a MacBook to make themselves seem more respectable. That is SAD.

How would people perceive me with an Alienware? well for one, I had no plans to take it with me wherever I go and secondly I don’t give a f#&k. You think it’s an insult that I don’t have a MacBook? if you think that, then you sir are a completely different breed.

I have one ultimate advice for you and listen up because it’s free,



Hurts doesn’t it? You had to bite back didn’t you?

You accuse me of sounding like a commercial and I try to explain myself by expressing an opinion. You get insulted thinking it was directed at you. I am not trying to impress you. It serves me no purpose to be looked up to by the likes of you after reading your last post. I hope that was not your best English because it reads like you barely got out of high school. And the barn.

Why don’t you stick to the topic instead of resorting to calling me names? This thread used to be a nice place. Let me take you up point by point.

* I never talked about windows or macs. You did. You were the troll who came in to crow about your alienware purchase in a mac thread. What was your intention for doing that? Sure you explained the decision making process that led to your purchase. I explained that a lot of Mac users–and there are a lot of studies, use a different dynamic in the decision making process. Macs have not been popular among gamers because until recently, game developers never really considered it economical to port to OSX this is why the Mac user base had evolved into people who use it to make themselves more efficient.
* You think I am too chuffed up by thinking that my time is important? Let me tell you, no matter how much you earn, your time is the most important resource. You may not be working to earn direct money all the time, but put a price on doing whatever else gives you pleasure for the time spent. For me, that’s family, personal development, even working on an advocacy working to help others. For you its doodling your Alienware into a higher game score. Fine. Whatever turns you on. Put a price on it though. At least you’ll know how unproductive you are. I am sorry, but I have not been coy about my opinion of gamers although that is a discussion for another day and another thread. Can you spell time waster and resource waster? You get into it for personal entertainment you say? Well, that smile on your face while battling with your Alienware is costing this world resources. Scarce resources that need to be used responsibly to add value to the world.
* Backups? Sure. System recovery? Sure. I have them too. But I have never had occasion to use them on any of my Macs. Not even one that I recently dropped. I am saying that using even one of these fix-ti tools is unacceptable to me. I know its a pipe dream for most so in that case, maybe I am living the dream.
* You preach to me about respect. Gaining respect is not a matter of being the boss and has nothing to do with being likeable or sociable; whether you talk, eat or smell right; or any measure that isn’t directly related to the work. The amount of respect a pro pays someone is a measure of how tolerable that person is when it comes to getting things done, including the elegance and practicality of his solutions and suggestions.
* I’m not going to argue the definition of narrowmindedness and logic-defying processes with you. That’s a ballpark you’re not quite qualified to play in yet.
* I do have an Alienware. I was gifted one last Christmas. And I use it too. I installed Ubuntu on it and use it as a mobile Apache server whenever we need to run some simulations. Nice and fast this machine. That’s how I know how heavy it is. A shame that that honking video card and blue ray drive isn’t getting much use though or even that droll multicolor backlight on the keyboard.
* You imply that a computer does not elicit respect. Really? Now look at yourself in the mirror and ask again. Really? Well then, have fun with your Asus eee.
* I do not feel insulted that you did not buy a Mac. Like you, I don’t give a royal flying f*ck. However, I do feel that you were trolling for a response by posting your Alienware purchase in a Mac thread instead of creating one for it. Had I not responded to you and explained my thought process, you would have thought you were right and allowed other thread readers to think that you were. So there.
* I admit that perhaps I came on too strong for your taste. But when you fail to grasp what is an explanation and instead think of it as a commercial for Apple… Who has the narrowmind now? I think a short-term dose of Glutaphos might help you.

There is nothing to get over bubba. We live in different worlds.


Hurts? hurts what? I find you so obnoxious and so up yourself that I actually look forward to the next installment of gibberish you have to offer. You are such an imbecile that you amuse me but eventually I will get tired of you because you add no value to this discussion. It’s the individuals like yourself who I wouldn’t even consider pissing on, if you were on fire.

My first post in this thread was to request feedback on how the MacBook pro handle certain apps that I have used on Windows and my second post was an update on what I had decided. My decision to go with the Alienware was not a reflection on whether I thought MacBook was inferior, I just wanted more and at this stage I’m happy to wait that’s why I bought the Alienware. I didn’t mention games because gaming was not a factor in my requirements.

My discussion was about the hardware, yours was about how good you look and how your life depends on your Macbook, to save time etc. You want a medal, hero? You just can’t get over the fact that other people would consider anything else other than Apple.

Your second point about resources are just hilarious, what are you now? a Hippie? I didn’t realise I now have to think about my carbon footprint. 😆

I suggest you move along and preach your wanker ideas to someone else. bye bye now!


I think he took my advice because haven’t heard from him since..

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  1. Bryan

    That was a very entertaining read. 🙂 Hope you were able to give him some much-needed self-discovery about how deep he is in the apple cult, plus his know-it-all attitude.

  2. Bryan

    That was a very entertaining read. 🙂 Hope you were able to give him some much-needed self-discovery about how deep he is in the apple cult, plus his know-it-all attitude.


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