Arse end of the World

Sometimes I really think Australia is the arse end of the world, we lag behind the rest when it comes to product releases to name one thing but yet we pioneer in others. I just dont get it. We love to spend money, even money that we don’t have, we always find a way. Last time I heard we owed $15 Billion in personal debt, hell I wouldn’t be surprised. I love new things, new technology, new trends more so recently since this PC that I built back in November has got me financially occupied. I’ve been constantly trying to add something that would make it a “complete machine” I know this is virtually impossible since new things are always being released so by the time I’m able to afford the piece of component that I want, something new will be released which is 5 times better than the one I wanted. That is just the way it is.

Getting back to the reason why I started writing this is because of the new case I wanted which is the Thermaltake Eureka a relatively new case released by Thermaltake and surprise surprise, this case is not available for purchase here in Australia. God knows when it is coming out. This is the case of choice for mine, I’ve looked and considered other cases such as the Antec P180, looked briefly at the P160 which I think is butt ugly, only looked at it because a workmate seems to think that “it is the shit”. Also looked at the Thermaltake Kandalf case which rather sexy but a little to expensive for my liking.

All it boils down to basically is the word want I don’t need it, but I want it and I have convinced myself that I could do with it. Transferring my system to this all aluminium chassis would be a good idea, not that anyones is likely to see it except for my girlfriend who will look at it in disgust and ponder about how much money I have spent on this PC rather than saving up for “the ring” Ngek! I don’t want to even think about that. Gives me goosebumps.

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