Audi Q7 & Textar Ceramic Brake Pads

I booked the Q7 in at BWA Seven Hills last Monday for the following works to be done:

Front rotors – giving these Sebro a try
Front and rear pads – decided to go with the Textar Ceramics.
All sensors to be replaced.

I was looking at around $1500 for the job which in hindsight was actually quite close to the $1700 I was quoted by Audi Parramatta to have the same works done but with OEM parts.
BWA gave me a MK V Golf Diesel as a loan car which has been tuned to some ridiculous amount of torque (400nm they reckon) but that’s another story.

BWA gave me a call and said that the front discs are fine and don’t need to be replaced (savings $$$$), I was quite pleased with this as I had a feeling they were still ok.
Considering they’ve been highly recommending these Sebro discs, I would’ve of thought they will just replace it anyway.

By around 1pm I got another call to advise that the replacements had been done and I can pick up the car.

Thoughts on the Textar Ceramics:

Not as “grabby” as the OEM pads I thought which to me is not such a bad thing since I do tend to brake quite early and after driving a manual car for so many years, I got used to engine braking to preserve my brakes on the old Citroen C4. I find that I don’t have to feather the brakes as much with the Textar ceramics as it’s quite smooth through the progressive braking.
I’m not a braking expert but I would imagine your mileage may vary on the pads depending on your driving style.

The big test for the Textar Ceramics was today when we got in the car at 4:30am and headed out to Korora which is roughly 500 km’s north of Sydney fully loaded.
Going downhill at 110 km/h at Mooney Mooney, I felt confident with the brakes with a three year old daughter and a pregnant wife onboard.

How long will these pads last? probably until all four rotors will need to be replaced which is around another hopefully 35,000 Km

As far as “dusting” goes, I can honestly say very minimal if any. I haven’t washed the car again since I had the pads replaced so I can’t be 100% certain.

BWA Auto has a strong focus on Porsche and they push a lot of the Porsche parts that they carry hence the Textar recommendation, I did ask for ATE ceramics initially.

Would I buy the same pads again? still early to tell, we have another 3-4 hour drive tomorrow heading further up north and then back down to Sydney again next week. So far though, I’ve been more than happy with them based on their performance today and in the past week.

If anything changes in my opinion, I will certainly update this thread. 🙂

Hope my bit of feedback will help someone decide in the future.

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