Bastard Tech Support From Hell!

God I hate these fuckers, I seriously wonder why I’m paying good money for this shit.

System: Please wait while we connect you with someone. Thanks!

You”re connected to representative – Technical Support

Technical Support: Hi

ron: hi. what is going on with Srv1

ron: theres mysql errors everywhere on my page

Technical Support: Please give me a moment.


Technical Support: Let me to check now.

ron: thanks

Technical Support: I check your site, it shows mysql error.

Technical Support: But our server is running fine from our end.


ron: is also on that server

ron: and that is also my site

ron: so you cant say that its a problem with my sites

Technical Support: It shows db error.

Technical Support: Yes, it is in your side i think.

ron: what is your name?

Technical Support: Because the statics of srv1 is 21:29:01 up 15 days, 23:52, 2 users, load average: 1.15, 3.63, 6.50

Technical Support: Please submit a ticket, we will look into your issue as soon as possible.

ron: maybe its got nothing to do with the load average

ron: what is your name

Technical Support: No need to require.


Technical Support: I am a support staff.

ron: does that look like its on my side too

ron: this site is hosted on the same reseller

ron: on the same ip address on the same machine

ron: so dont tell me its on my side

ron: give me your name so i can complain about your lack of support towards your customers

Technical Support: Okay, please submit a ticket we will get back to you soon.

ron: is it still on my side is it?

ron: are you going to answer me/

Technical Support: Please submit a ticket regarding this issue, we will get back to you soon.

ron: i am paying for a premium reseller account and you are providing me with garbage

ron: dont brush me off. i want you to fix the issue. why do i need to submit a ticket when its clearly a database issue on your end

ron: ill make sure i post this on the forum and email Roj about it

ron: thank you very much, you are as useless as a tit on a bull!

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