Best Airline Seats

In my quest to better prepare for this upcoming trip, one phrase came to my mind in the middle of the night:


best place to sit on singapore airlines  


 I clicked on the first two links and it brought my attention to a site called  – "The ultimate source for airplane seating, in-flight amenities and airline information." The site features are:

  • Detailed seat map graphics.
  • In-depth seat specific comments denoting seats with limited recline, reduced legroom, mis-aligned windows.
  • Color-coding to help identify superior and substandard seats.
  • In-seat power port locations.
  • Galley, lavatory, Exit Row and closet locations

It looks like they have all the major airliners listed on their database and this site has been quite useful for me in determining which seats to look out for when checking in at the airport or online. This site I think would go well with
a website that features reviews and user submitted photos of various airline meals served during flight. They're both fantastic sites and if you're going to be travelling or have plans of travelling using various airlines these two websites are highly recommended.  


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