Seems like such a strange word doesn’t it, BLOG. Everybody it seems has heard of it but not all have understood what it’s about. I must admit maybe I just got caught up in it and set one up with every intention that I would fill it daily with humorous anecdotes, rants and daily randomness. I mean after all I do have my own domain name and website, it was just a matter of adding it on. The truth is I have no idea what I’m doing and I don’t even know if anyone actually reads this and more importantly do I even care? I should change the name of the Blog from a “Day” to a “‘Week” since I don’t write entries often enough. I’m just LAZY!

It was only today that I realise that I may not find it interesting reading my own stuff but others might actually relate one way or another. I’m hardly the type of person that oozes natural literary talents, what I do know is, I criticise and make fun of a lot things so maybe I should write about that. I don’t mean to, it’s one of those things that just pops into my head and I just blurt it out. Donna thinks I’m hot-headed and it’s just my nature, this is coming from a woman that has seen the best and worst of me so perhaps I should give her credit when it comes to her observations and assessments.

One thing she finds strange though are some of the music I’ve been listening to lately, I grew up listening to mostly RnB & Rap everything I else I found repulsive and downright boring. I don’t know, maybe it’s old age or I have just broadened my musical taste but whatever the reason is I’m enjoying it. One of the pieces that I cannot stop listening to is the piece by Ruichi Sakamoto, I posted the video below for your enjoyment:


It’s haunting, it builds inside, but it’s a warm feeling as it comes to a climax.

I had a funny thought the other day as I sat at work listening to this, what will my kids think of me? Are they going to make fun of the type of music I listen to as much as I made fun of the music that my parents listened to? Only time will tell.