Busy Busy!

Brand new year and a brand new job. I’ve recently left the ISP scene in which I was getting rather bored as well as brain dead. There was nothing new for me and I needed something that is totally fresh in which I have limited knowledge of but with the opportunity to learn a lot of things.

Right now I’m working for a datacentre which is something totally different and I’m exposed to an array of equipments that I would not even come close to if I was working for an ISP. The hours are long but in the end I think its worth it. In fact I have just calculated my fortnights shift and it would seem I’ll be working a full 120 hours during this period. Cant complain too much I suppose, gives me a chance to clear all the debts and bills.

That’s my new years resolution I guess is to clear the financial commitments and save a bit of money, I would like to see a few thousand dollars in my bank account and know that I dont have to spend it within 48 hours. In saying that, working that many hours just means that I have no time to spend it anyway.

I’ll update you how I pull up after this fortnight has ended.