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List of Things I Hate!!!

Everyone hates something, and normally you dont remember all of them until they pop up so I’m going to make a list of all the things that I hate as they pop up. First one for today and this year is. 1.) I hate it when I’m washing the dishes and just as I’m about […]

Busy Busy!

Brand new year and a brand new job. I’ve recently left the ISP scene in which I was getting rather bored as well as brain dead. There was nothing new for me and I needed something that is totally fresh in which I have limited knowledge of but with the opportunity to learn a lot […]

It’s A Machine

About 6 weeks ago, I completed my second PC build but this time I actually got to keep the machine and not leave after completing it feeling envious and wishing that I had one. My laptop served me well, the old HP Pavillion Zv5022 was with me through many sleepless and frustrating nights when I had code and fix php errors on sites that I’m doing ‘pro-bono” work on. I’ve cursed at its heat when resting my palms on its keyboard but in the end it did its job and we parted ways.