Chimera Fileserver Build 0.3

After a number days waiting and deciding which components to buy, I based my decision on a number of factors.

1.) This will only be used as a fileserver therefore a processing power of a Dual Core cpu might be an overkill.
2.) Enough disk space to install Windows OS and a Linux Distro. ‘
3.) A VGA card that will be sufficient enough for a HTPC setup in the near future.

So the final specs are the following

  • AMD Sempron 3000
  • 1 GB of PQI Turbo RAM DDR-400
  • 2 x 300GB Maxtor IDE HDD
  • LG GSA-4166BB 16x Dual Layer Burner
  • XpertVision ATI 9550 AGP8X 256M 9550 256MB TV-Out DVI
  • Total Cost: $790

    At the moment it seems to be performing rather well. Partitions has been organised to accomodate backups and files in their respective categories.
    Now it just a matter of developing an interface that will allow me to search for these files from any PC’s on the LAN.