Eurotrip07 is Officially Over!

As the Singapore Flight SQ219 touched down in Sydney on Thursday night I knew that the best 33 days of my life has finally ended. In saying that Donna and I were also thrilled to be finally home after a 24 hour trip from Barcelona, Spain to Sydney. We brought back with us long lasting memories and just over 2000 pictures in case we forget where we’ve been and people we met. This being the first majoy trip/holiday I’ve ever taken I wasn’t really sure what to expect, all I had with me was the info that I’ve read from the internet and words of advice from people who have been to the places that we’ve visited.

Tonight someone asked me which destination was the best and I couldn’t really answer that question because there was not one standout location that I can remember, they were all equally brilliant and had their own little something to offer. If I was forced to choose I would have to pick Paris, the city of lights. Trying not be cliche but you couldnt deny the city’s charm and architectural history, the city at night has an unmistakable romantic feel about it. Perhaps it’s all the lights but Paris has its own aura. The photo below was taken at the corner of Pont Au Change & Voie Georges Pompidou:

I’m not much of a photographer but I was quite proud of this one in particular it captured the brilliance of the city as the sun sets over the horizon. That night happened to be a full moon which made the night sky even more spectacular.


This photo below was taken near the same spot as the above photo but facing towards the otherside of the bridge looking at the Notre Dame



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