Experiencing A Different World – by Donna

So we’ve finally made it to Ohrid and we have realised that this may be the first time most of us have stepped into a country where hardly anyone would understand us!  Ron seems to be enjoying the novelty of being an asian in a country where there barely are any,  Heidi keeps getting mistakened as someone who can speak German, French, Maco etc and I’ve just noticed that the keyboard has been changed to suit the Macedonian language – qwerty is qwertz and there are strange letters everywhere! (touch typing just became a great skill to have!).


Our first day was met by a 36 degree weather and a hotel with very limited ventilation. After 18 hours of travel and being fed every hour on the plane, I tihink it is fair to say that you can only push your body so far before it starts to shut down on  you without your permission!  Daniela came to breakfast this morning with a crazy story about her microsleeps whilst she was trying to unpack last night and for me, I don’t think I have ever experienced being so tired that as soon as my back hit the bed, I was in la la land.


It is now our second day in Macedonia.  After a rejuvinating night’s sleep everyone is looking and feeling alot better.  Weather has dropped to a cool 24-26 degrees (although it is only 10am) and the hotel’s air conditioning seems to be working a little better.  We’re going to go hunting for the massage and spa facility then head out to drink the night away at the bar by the beach.  We are definitely in holiday mode now!


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