iPhone 4S Unveiled – Disappointed?

As the dust settles from the iPhone 4S unveiling it is quite obvious that a majority of people are disappointed. I think everyone was hoping for the iPhone 5, not a iPhone 4 refresh. My contract with Optus runs out in November and while I was not eagerly anticipating this new announcement, I was curious as to what Apple had up their sleeve. Sadly, I won’t be rushing to get this iPhone 4S.

So let’s have a look at what makes the Apple iPhone 4S the “most amazing iPhone ever”. The iPhone 4S is now powered with a Dual Core A5 chip which is exactly the same processor that powers the iPad 2. It also boasts a 1080p HD video capable 8 megapixel camera. The new Siri personal assistant feature and the iCloud service launching with iOS5.

Want more? well sorry to disappoint but that’s pretty much it.

There is one thing that is infuriating me more than anything and that is PRICING. Apple seems to treat Australian consumers like idiots or they just don’t care and expects us to just pay whatever price they set. Look at the two screenshots below one is from the Apple Store US & the other Apple Store AU.

Apple Store US Pricing @ $199
Apple Store AU Pricing @ $799

While these two prices are differentiated by purchasing outright or through a contract, $799 for a 16GB refresh device seems outlandish. There is now way I would line up at the Apple Store to purchase a 16GB device for $799.

Will you be one of many rushing to the Apple Store on October 14th to pick one up? I know I won’t be.

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