It has arrived! What a goddamn disappointment

After just 3 working days since ordering these monitors, I’m glad to announce that my two Dell 20″ 2005FPW LCD is enroute for delivery today. The courier just called me earlier on today and asked me what time I’ll be available – jumped out of bed and said that I was ready when he was. Anyways he said he will be here in about 2 hours so I’m constantly on the balcony waiting for the courier van to pull up on the driveway…I’ll be taking pictures of it so I’ll post them here shortly.

Well they did arrive exactly the same time that the courier mentioned he will be at my place. After he rolled it in to my place I immediately got the camera out and started taking pictures, I wanted to make sure that everything is there and I have the photographs to back me up.
Anyways after carefully unpacking the contents of first box, I found that the damn thing didnt come with a power cable so I called up the sales representative that sold me these monitors and was told that she was going to call me back.

After about 10 minutes she did call back only to tell me that these monitors are not packed with power cables which I found rather odd, since it came with a USB cable, a VGA and a DVI. Was she pulling my leg? Anyways I started to open up the other box and found that the same thing applies to this one as well..Ok I believe her now. Took both monitors into my room and realised that I needed a bigger desk to accomodate these two no so big monitors.

First impression that I got with these monitors is that they are stylishly designed, very sexy indeed – I couldnt wait to turn it on. Realising that I only had one power cable to plug this monitor in I went to my flatmates room and stole his power cable from his monitor which technically is mine anyway. Booted it up and the first one turned on while the other one remained blank, pressed the input button and switched on to DVI and it came to life. This is when the dissappointment hit me like a Mack truck. The last monitor had a bad case of “backlight bleeding” which is very common among LCD monitors but this one is exceptionally bad. I sat back in my chair and looked at the two monitors side by side and thought about the $1360 that I just spent on these two. I felt like getting a hammer and smashing them both.

I called Dell again to tell them what I am looking at, so far I have been more than satisfied with Dell’s prompt service and professionalism since putting the order through, it’s now the after-sales service that is being tested. I was told that I had a couple of options and that is to replace one fo the monitors which is the one that has bad bleeding on it because they still have the one unit . I’m being contacted tomorrow to see when i can this new replacement. Hopefully it all works out.

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