Its been a while…

After a lack of worthy content to publish I thought I should at least make an effort at it. There has been quite a few developments since I posted last, personal and work related changes. Work wise things are getting a little more interesting, I think I quite enjoy going offsite and completing changes for clients. It hasnt been set in concrete just yet but I might be asked to travel to Perth sometime in December for a hardware installation and rollout. Looking forward to that one if it happens, gives me a chance to see another part of Australia even if its just for a few days and work related.

On the personal relationship front, I think things have been improving after that almost disastrous period when I was sure that the end of my 4 year relationship was inevitable. More recently I have found out some news that has shocked me I must admit. I found out through a good friend of mine that an ex girlfriend of mine is now a proud mother of an 18 month old boy.

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