Just a quick one..

Certainly has been a long time since the last entry, even if the last one was not much of one. Been quite busy for the last couple of months, the job has become more demanding and as a result I’ve had to sacrifice a few things and writing in this blog was one of them.

Due to a recent acquisition by a client of Datacom, I have been involved in the roll out of new hardware and performing the  role of infrastructure support. It just means I have to spend a lot more time being offsite as well as interstate sites. I’ve been recently sent to Perth to do an install for 2 1/2 days and as much as I wanted to have a look around I just didn’t have the time to do it.

I may go back there some time in January or February for the cut over so hopefully I’ll have more time then.

In between breaks I’ve also been caught up in this Core 2 Duo bandwagon and next thing you know I was upgrading my PC and selling off old hardware left right and centre. I must say I have been quite pleased with the overall upgrade performance, I’m pretty sure the performance increase was more apparent than when I first booted up my first dual core processor which was the AMD 3800 X2.

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