Landscape Photography – New Zealand Day 2

When I started the original blog post about our recent trip to New Zealand, I soon realised that I was not going to be able to cover it in one sitting. I’ve decided to separate them into days but I have to get through them quickly while it’s fresh on my mind. I guess I’ll pick it up from where I left off which is Lanarche Castle  in Dunedin. When we had enough of the castle photos, we decided that it was time to get on the road again and head out to Te Anau which is in the South Eastern tip of the South Island, from there we had planned on driving to Milford Sound rather than taking a tour. Te Anau is a few minutes short of a 4 hour trip which is not as exciting as the previous days drive. There are still some very nice landscapes along the way but mostly it was dominated by farm land. The drive to Te Anau was uneventful except for the stone chip I got on the car, courtesy of a flat bed semi trailer which I was passing as we went through the town of Lumsden

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