Life Soundtrack

I’ve always like RnB & Hip-Hop and I’ve been listening to it for as long as I can even remember. There are times when I hear a particular song and it always seem to take me back to a time when I heard that song, an important or a memorable part of my life whether it was a happy memory or a sad one. Songs tend to do that to you. I believe that you can play any song that may be 5 even ten years old that will trigger a recollection. So for as long as I have this site up and running I will add the songs that I heard that day that got me thinking, or thinking back.

I was listening to my iRiver today on the way home and decided to play a few Mp3’s that have been in my possesion for about three or four years now but the songs are as old as 7. It was only a short ride home but damn there were so many memories. This one song for example by Craig David – Rendezvous. The first time I really listened to this song was in Verne’s car at around 4 am, I dont know what made me play this song over and over again during the 20 minute drive, perhaps because it is a soothing song and I was practically falling asleep at the wheel.