List of FreeNas Commands

Here are some helpful FreeNas (freebsd) commands that I always seem to forget when I need them most. Hope they can help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Nas4Free CP Command

cp -iprv


  1. Here is a sample command:
    cp -iprv /cdrom/distfiles/ /usr/ports/distfiles/
  2. Here are what the switches stand for:

    i      Interactive.  Will prompt you if overwriting files.

    p      Preserve file attributes like date, time, etc.

    r      Recursive.  Will also copy subdirectories.

    v      Verbose. Will show each file as it is copied.



Nas4Free – Rsync

to be run from the client side terminal:


rsync -ra  --progress --stats --recursive  -vv username@ /mnt/path/share/

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