List of Things I Hate!!!

Everyone hates something, and normally you dont remember all of them until they pop up so I’m going to make a list of all the things that I hate as they pop up.

First one for today and this year is.

1.) I hate it when I’m washing the dishes and just as I’m about done, someone decides to add other pieces as if they’re making the most of the moment that I am washing the dishes.

2.)I hate Dumb Ass drivers who drives around and almost causes an accident without realising what they have done so they just continue on as if they’re driving in the countryside. (One today on the Pacific Highway @ Artarmon) – Felt like rolling down my window and yelling out “You’re a f***ing knobhead!”

3.)I hate the people that talk on the mobile phone on packed buses or trains and think that the rest of the passengers are interested in their conversation that they are practically yelling that shit out. Nobody cares! Wake up to yourself!