MacBook Pro 15″ i7 2.66Ghz – My Thoughts

Ok so I’ve had this MacBook Pro 2010 for a couple of weeks now and I’ve spent enough time on it to form an unbiased opinion. I’ve owned a few notebooks and have used probably even more that weren’t mine, so far without a doubt, this is the best notebook that I’ve owned. Without getting caught up in the whole Apple hype, I based that opinion on usability, portability, aesthetics and efficiency. It isn’t the cheapest notebook by far but what you do get is a quality build, a polished interface and an OS that works. I’m not about to preach to the devoted Windows crowd because to compare the two just isn’t fair – not because one is inferior to the other but I think they both have their places cemented because of their merits.

If you’re going to buy a MacBook Pro because it looks good or because your best friend has one then you’re a complete idiot. I hated to admit that when I was looking for a MacBook Pro, I was a little embarrassed. I didn’t want my friends making fun of me.

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