2013 MacBook Pro Retina

Macbook Pro’s are no longer affordable

Being one of the affected users of the MacBook Pro 2011 gpu issue, I swore to myself that my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro will be the last one I ever own. Since last Sunday however Apple may have redeemed themselves by announcing the repair program and fixing my 2011 MacBook within 48 hours.

I’ve since sold that MacBook to a friend because I had bought a 2012 version in the interim. Since winding down my photography hobby I haven’t really used the MacBook Pro for what it’s intended for, instead I use it for browsing and backing up my iOS devices. This made me think about perhaps I should get a MacBook Air for portability and but thought about how much I use VMware fusion so perhaps an upgrade to a new MacBook Pro retina is an option, that is until I saw the latest pricing.

$2799 for the base model with a measly 256GB SSD and no discrete GPU, are they serious? No thanks Apple!

I think I’ll just stick to my ageing 2012 MacBook Pro which I can still upgrade the SSD and utilise an optibay option. Or just bite the bullet and move to a MacBook Air 13″.

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