After leaving Singapore at around midnight on Sunday we were on the Singapore Airlines flight for 12 hours and 45 minutes to Zurich where we then had to catch a connecting flight to Vienna and then from Vienna to Skopje Macedonia. I got off the plane feeling about worse for wear and wondering what the hell the time was or what day it was. I could'nt really sleep on the flight even though we were on the Singapore Airlines new addition to their Boeing fleet which is the Boeing 777-300ER. It was a 3-3-3 configuration which meant that there was more leg room and the inflight entertainment system was top notch. A great selection on movies, games and other stuff for kids. I tried to watch as many movies and then try to fall asleep but it felt like I was only taking 15 minute naps so by the time I got Zurich I was exhausted and I started to miss my bed at home.


When we finally got to Vienna we bumped into Heidi and Drew who arrived a little earlier from their flight, they took a different flight from ours. I think they went from Singapore to London then London to Vienna where we were to board the same plane to Skopje. The flights were nothing compared to what was waiting for us when we got to Skopje.




We arrived in Skopje after 3 PM local time and it was stinking hot! Temperatures were in the low 40's and we had the pleasure of walking along the tarmac and into the terminal which was the size of a bus station. It was all part of the experience! Anyways did I mention the cat which was on the plane? That stupid cat that lady had with her meowed the entire flight and it was enough to drive anyone mad, lucky for me I was sitting about 10 rows back and not right next to her. 


I think we may have under estimated the transport situation because when we got out of the Airport we had no idea of where to go and arrange a cab, bus or whatever that will take us to Ohrid. I soon found out that it was approximately 200 kilometres away and it was going to cost us around 200 euros for two cabs to take us there. I remembered that there was in Ohrid and I seriously considered mentioning something along the lines of "chartered flight" but it wasnt meant to be. So we all packed in our suitcases in these two cabs and off we went in an authentic European car with no working AIR CONDITIONING! I'm sure I lost a couple of kilos on that ride to Ohrid. But in the end we got to our destination which was a hell of a lot better that what Adam made it out to be, things where starting to look up.


Map of our 3 hour journey to Ohrid


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