Mercedes-Benz AMG A45

A few days ago I posted a concept car from Citroen called the DS4 Racing, unfortunately it doesn’t look like this car will ever go into production anytime soon. After being tortured by the unbelievable acceleration of a friend’s Ferrari 360 Modena, I find myself wanting something a bit nippier and since I cannot afford to buy a Ferrari I may have to just settle for a “hot hatch”. While I’m not in a position to buy one right now, there’s no harm in dreaming. So what are my choices? Not a lot to be honest, I’ll probably pass on a Hyundai Veloster, a VW Golf GTI which every Tom, Dick & Harry seems to own, I’ve never been a real fan of BMW’s, Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution’s would be nice if I was ten years younger. Those are fine cars but they’re not for me, I still need four doors since I am now a dad and my wife will no doubt insist on it.

So my choice of a hot hatch is the new Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 – it’s a stunning looking car and it ticks all the boxes for me. It has four doors, it’s fuel efficient and it’s 2-Litre turbocharged engine boasts the most powerful 4 cylinder in the world. It can launch from a standing start to 100km/h in just 4.6 seconds which is a tad slower than a Ferrari 360, that’s pretty impressive for a 5-Door Hatchback.



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Since it’s limited release in Australia the AMG A45 prices have skyrocketed and no longer seemed like a viable option. Some being priced at almost $100k, six figures for a hatchback is a tad over the top in my mind. I will have to wait a few more years perhaps if the price go down or seriously look at the Audi S3 as an alternative.

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