Movie Review: She’s Out of My League

One of my favourite movies when I was a teenager was Can’t Buy Me Love, I think there’s just something in all of us that can relate when it comes to punching above our weight. This movie is exactly just that. Jay Baruchel stars in this movie and you may remember him from Knocked Up & Tropic thunder. When I first laid my eyes on the cover of She’s Out My League it didn’t exactly jump out at me as a must see movie but it’s 12 degrees outside and I’ve got bugger all to do today. Jay’s character Kirk Kettner works airport security in Pittsburgh and there he meets Molly (Alice Eve) who is spectacularly beautiful with her two different coloured eyes (one blue & one green). Molly takes an interest in Kirk after he saves her from his sleazy boss wanting to waive his dirty wand all over her body. She leaves her iPhone behind during the commotion and later arranges to meet up with him to retrieve it, I guess this is where it all begins though I’m not exactly sure how and when the sparks flew.

Without giving too much away, the majority of the movie disects and analyzes this rare phenomena of “hot girl falling for a nerdy guy” and for most us we can understand that the universe just doesn’t roll like that. Although the story is not groundbreaking, it is still fun albeit cliche and silly at times which I believe what makes it work. It’s not taking itself too seriously. Just look at the scene when Kirk allows his friend Devon (Nate Torrence) to shave his balls (that’s not gay apparently).

So if you’re bored out of your brains and it’s cold outside, slap this into your dvd/bluray player and enjoy it, there are far worse things you can do for 104 minutes of your life.

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