Movie Review: Unthinkable


I watched this the other day and I was confused as to why this release went straight to BluRay but according to IMDB it hasn’t been released yet. Anyway, it seems Hollywood cannot produce enough films about terrorists and this movie is no different. Samuel L. Jackson plays a black ops interrogator who is commisioned to extract information from a man who claims to have deployed nuclear bombs around the country. It’s a psychological thriller, it’s fast-paced & it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It asks to justify the extreme lengths that a human being would go through in order to achieve the greater good, hence the title Unthinkable. This isn’t really a feel good movie so try not to watch it with your kids. 😛

I’d rate this movie 7.5/10 – SLJ is always entertaining and is worth at least 4 stars out of the 7.5

HD Trailer

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