New Build 2007

New SLI RigThis is my favorite time of the year, the geek side anyway, the side that I don’t like to admit that I have in me. The INNER GEEK. The last quarter of every year is when it all happens, you lose track of the amount of new technology being released and at the same time you lose track how much money you spend on these gadgets. Suddenly the credit card statements are the scariest thing that you’ve ever seen and the ability to be practical goes out the window. Women spoil themselves with shoes, handbags and dresses which can amount to hundreds and even thousands of dollars without a care in the world because they think it’s their god given right to, in fact the women believe it’s in their genes. Just ask my girlfriend she’ll show you her medical records. It doesn’t matter that the wardrobe is collapsing under the weight of clothes that have been worn once then never to be seen again as long as they manage to come up with some lame excuse to justify their purchase. So I say who cares if I spend a couple of thousand once a year on items that will bring me hours of distraction and excitement.

Three days ago I purchased the newest video card on the market, out of sheer practicality I opted for a piece of hardware that is sub $500 when everyone else around me is spending almost twice the amount. What I got for my hard earned cash is the new Inno3D 8800GT oh and here’s another thing, money spent on my PC are partially recovered by selling off parts that I no longer need. A scheme that I am quite fond of and proud of, I know my actuarial graduate brother would agree. He’s stingy as a motherf***er!!