Nikon D600

Let’s talk about cameras, the rumoured release of the D600 to be exact. I’ve had the D700 now for almost 9 months now and I have grown to love it since defecting from Canon. I have also learned so much from it so the question for me is – Have I reached the point where the limitations of my D700 is holding me back? – The answer is No. “G.A.S” or more commonly known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder, I know this because I once suffered from it but the good thing is, I’m on my way to a full recovery…hopefully. Until, I saw the imminent/rumoured release of the cheaper version FX camera body from Nikon – The Nikon D600.

Let’s begin with the rumoured specs:

  • 24.7MP full frame sensor
  • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g
  • 3.2″ LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  • HDMI output
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx
  • The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor
  • The body most probably will be weather sealed
  • The D600 may not have built-in GPS as initially reported
  • ISO range: 100-6400 (with Lo-1 ISO 50 and Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (same as the D800)
  • The D600 will probably use the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery


These specs are to be taken with a grain of salt, after all these are just rumours at this stage. The 24.7 Megapixel full frame sensor more than doubles the D700 which is a welcome change for those that crop their photos a lot. Weighing in 25% less than the D700, for some I guess that’s a plus but for me however I like the ultra solid feel of the D700. Slightly larger LCD with ambient control sensor. Full HD video capabilities is a massive plus for some, I have to admit, sometimes I do wish I had it. Significantly high ISO over the D700, 100% viewfinder coverage and built-in AF motor are also very attractive features.

Would I buy this new Nikon D600? Absolutely! 

I can only think of one reason why I wouldn’t and that is the Price, let’s face it, not everyone has $2000+ to splurge on a hobby.


Ripped off once again by ridiculous Australian pricing, Nikon had announced the release of the D600 and Australian retailers have posted their pricing which is up to $600 than in the USA. A local retailer had responded to a tweet stating that “regarding the price difference, after accounting for GST and freight charges the price difference is negligible.” – I don’t know what world they live in but for us consumers, the difference is not “negligible”.

For $500 difference why would anyone anyone buy local stock.


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