Life Soundtrack

I’ve always like RnB & Hip-Hop and I’ve been listening to it for as long as I can even remember. There are times when I hear a particular song and it always seem to take me back to a time when I heard that song, an important or a memorable part of my life whether it was a happy memory or a sad one. Songs tend to do that to you. I believe that you can play any song that may be 5 even ten years old that will trigger a recollection. So for as long as I have this site up and running I will add the songs that I heard that day that got me thinking, or thinking back.

I was listening to my iRiver today on the way home and decided to play a few Mp3’s that have been in my possesion for about three or four years now but the songs are as old as 7. It was only a short ride home but damn there were so many memories. This one song for example by Craig David – Rendezvous. The first time I really listened to this song was in Verne’s car at around 4 am, I dont know what made me play this song over and over again during the 20 minute drive, perhaps because it is a soothing song and I was practically falling asleep at the wheel.


What I’m Listening to

A few months ago, a former workmate of mine introduced me to the a few german dj’s website where they distribute their own mixtapes and remixes. I was totally hooked even though in some parts of the mixtapes it just breaks out into a german rap section. I just laugh but its all good sometimes you dont even notice it.

This is what I’m listening to at the moment which is the second part of a mixtape that I have downloaded from their site EnJoy!

Click on the Play Symbol to listen to the Mix

make it Ready


[I got 5 On It]Remix


Ooh BabyRemix


Freak The Nation (Yeah)


List of Things I Hate!!!

Everyone hates something, and normally you dont remember all of them until they pop up so I’m going to make a list of all the things that I hate as they pop up.

First one for today and this year is.

1.) I hate it when I’m washing the dishes and just as I’m about done, someone decides to add other pieces as if they’re making the most of the moment that I am washing the dishes.

2.)I hate Dumb Ass drivers who drives around and almost causes an accident without realising what they have done so they just continue on as if they’re driving in the countryside. (One today on the Pacific Highway @ Artarmon) – Felt like rolling down my window and yelling out “You’re a f***ing knobhead!”

3.)I hate the people that talk on the mobile phone on packed buses or trains and think that the rest of the passengers are interested in their conversation that they are practically yelling that shit out. Nobody cares! Wake up to yourself!

Bastard Tech Support From Hell!

God I hate these fuckers, I seriously wonder why I’m paying good money for this shit.

System: Please wait while we connect you with someone. Thanks!

You”re connected to representative – Technical Support

Technical Support: Hi

ron: hi. what is going on with Srv1

ron: theres mysql errors everywhere on my page

Technical Support: Please give me a moment.


Technical Support: Let me to check now.

ron: thanks

Technical Support: I check your site, it shows mysql error.

Technical Support: But our server is running fine from our end.


ron: is also on that server

ron: and that is also my site

ron: so you cant say that its a problem with my sites

Technical Support: It shows db error.

Technical Support: Yes, it is in your side i think.

ron: what is your name?

Technical Support: Because the statics of srv1 is 21:29:01 up 15 days, 23:52, 2 users, load average: 1.15, 3.63, 6.50

Technical Support: Please submit a ticket, we will look into your issue as soon as possible.

ron: maybe its got nothing to do with the load average

ron: what is your name

Technical Support: No need to require.


Technical Support: I am a support staff.

ron: does that look like its on my side too

ron: this site is hosted on the same reseller

ron: on the same ip address on the same machine

ron: so dont tell me its on my side

ron: give me your name so i can complain about your lack of support towards your customers

Technical Support: Okay, please submit a ticket we will get back to you soon.

ron: is it still on my side is it?

ron: are you going to answer me/

Technical Support: Please submit a ticket regarding this issue, we will get back to you soon.

ron: i am paying for a premium reseller account and you are providing me with garbage

ron: dont brush me off. i want you to fix the issue. why do i need to submit a ticket when its clearly a database issue on your end

ron: ill make sure i post this on the forum and email Roj about it

ron: thank you very much, you are as useless as a tit on a bull!

Busy Busy!

Brand new year and a brand new job. I’ve recently left the ISP scene in which I was getting rather bored as well as brain dead. There was nothing new for me and I needed something that is totally fresh in which I have limited knowledge of but with the opportunity to learn a lot of things.

Right now I’m working for a datacentre which is something totally different and I’m exposed to an array of equipments that I would not even come close to if I was working for an ISP. The hours are long but in the end I think its worth it. In fact I have just calculated my fortnights shift and it would seem I’ll be working a full 120 hours during this period. Cant complain too much I suppose, gives me a chance to clear all the debts and bills.

That’s my new years resolution I guess is to clear the financial commitments and save a bit of money, I would like to see a few thousand dollars in my bank account and know that I dont have to spend it within 48 hours. In saying that, working that many hours just means that I have no time to spend it anyway.

I’ll update you how I pull up after this fortnight has ended.