Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located approximately 40km north of the Sydney CBD and is a spot where I’ve never been before until the other day when I took my wife and daughter there. It’s a beautiful spot and I can imagine that it would be busy during the weekends with families and their kids flocking to the beach during the warmer seasons. 


iPhone 4S Panorama

It’s a pleasant drive from the western suburbs but depending on when you go there, one needs to take into account the school zone hours and peak hour traffic. There are plenty of parking on the beach front which costs $3 per hour. There are a couple of cafe’s towards the south end of the beach which is handy when you want to grab a bite to eat.

The seascape photo I took above was from the south side of the beach next to the tidal pool. It is easily accessible and there are plenty of angles if one chooses to use their imagination. There is a lone boulder among the rocks that has an Aboriginal animal carvings on it which I thought was quite intriguing.

This could easily be one of my top ten favourite spots in Sydney. 🙂

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