Plasma or LCD?

The sweetest of all dilemmas for some, it’s like choosing between Pepsi & Coke. Both offer the similar benefits and come with their own sets of disadvantages. Having a mortgage now puts a damper on how much you can really spend when it comes to such luxury items so the ultimate goal is getting the best value you can get with such limited funds.

When making big purchases especially with electrical items, I do my research and do my absolute best to not get swayed by the hype and manufacturers marketing strategies. I find more satisfaction in getting the best goods for a lot less cash. I’ve always believed that the best things don’t always carry the most expensive price tag.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for LCD Tv’s but never really considered Plasma’s only for the fact that I had the impression that it’s a dying technology and I compared it to DVD & Blu-Ray, I’m happy to admit that I’m wrong. The so called experts would tell you that the LCD technology is still catching up to the plasma quality which I found very surprising at first. There is no better way of judging between the two panels that to sit right in front of them side by side and watching something that you would normally watch on a regular basis, such as sports, movies and if you’re lucky a demo on a gaming console (I’m afraid I didn’t have that luxury). I found the plasma panels to be more vivid, with deeper blacks, brighter whites and noticed the lack of ghosting effects which have been widely documented with LCD panels. Of course in saying that each plasma panel is different, such brands, model number and features. There were a couple of cheap 50″ plasmas which displayed dull images and lacked that vibrance which I like.

While I haven’t fully made up my mind about which type of panel we’re going to purchase, I’m slowly leaning towards the Samsung 50″ plasmas but it’s the case of which series to buy and whether I can justify the price difference between the two or three different series from Samsung. Either way, I’m looking forward to having a nice Full-HD TV sitting in our rumpus in the next few months.