Procras…Procrasti…aahh forget it. Lazy will do!

This whole blogging thing doesnt seem to come all that easy for me, it makes me wonder how some people can write pages and pages on a daily basis about nothing in particular. Everytime I log in here I stare at the screen and wonder about what I’m going to write and I find myself closing the window and hoping that maybe tomorrow will bring something far more exciting.

Anyways all I can think about really is what I did today, mostly I did “nothing” slept till 11 am enjoying my third day off in a row, but for some god damn reason I wake up so tired. I dont know if I’ve overslept or if Im still recovering from my three night shifts. This is not how I wanted to spend my days off. I want to at least do something productive, even if its just cleaning my room which is in pretty bad state. If I had the camera here I would have posted them so you can marvel at how one can get his room so messy. I used to take comfort in seeing other peoples room and think “damn, I’m glad I’m not that messy!” but now I am one of those people. I just need motivation. I should really put more thought into this whole cleaning business, I figured that if I minimise the mess in the first place then it would only take me minutes to clean it. The problem is I’m a Procrastinator and a big one at that. Sometimes I look in here and I think to myself, how did I even manage to get it this messy. I have clean clothes, dirty clothes, magazines, and other crap I dont even need. Perhaps I’m a closet “hoarder” and I just havent admitted it to it yet. Sheesh! what a horrible thought. But seriously need to get this shit cleaned up before the EPA intervenes.

So anyways, my biggest problem is that I get distractred easily when I’m trying to clean, one minute I’m cleaning( or started to) and the next I’m sitting in front of my PC doing some other shit that doesnt need doing. Aaargh! Pisses me off – by the time I finished the “I’ll just do this quickly” stuff, my day is over and I’m too lazy to get back to it.

I finally got my contacts the other day after about 12 months saying that I should get them. Cost me $15 all up for the consultation (bargain!) and that was just for the solution. I’ve yet to order the actual 2 months supply or whatever. I’ve never worn them before and I knew I would have a problem with sticking stuff in my eyes. Takes me 15-20 minutes to get them on, only because I keep closing them or blinking at the wrong time. Drives me nuts! The right one seems to go in without a hitch and its always the left eye that takes up the time. I figured I just have to stick the bloody thing in there! I’ll see how I go after two weeks trials are up. Hopefully I’ll get better at it. I want to get back into playing sports, tennis or basketball it doesnt matter I just want to lose the weight that I put on over the last 4 years where I just gotten “comfortable” and put on about 10-12 kilos. Thats like two sizes up in the jeans that I wear. How bloody deppressing!!! No more spontaneus reaching for the phone and dialling Dominoes Pizza because the phone is an arm length away. I wont call it my new years resolution cos that shit just doesnt work. I’ll call it something else but for now the word hasnt come to me yet so stay tuned!

Dinner tonight was at Petronis in Parramata, I think thats what it’s called. Can’t remember the name or the web address, quite a new restaurant but very well laid out. The owner seems very nice and served us for the night. The price was not cheap but not too expensive given the quality of the food. Food preparation was top notch, very well presented with the taste to match. I’m no food critic but I would have to say that it is a fine restaurant and I would recommend it to those looking for a nice environment to have a quite dinner for two. They have an extensive collection of wine which is a damn shame since I’m not a wine drinker. I’ll try to find out more details of that restaurant from Donna and I will post it here. I highly recommend it. Two Thums up! It goes without saying that I came home stuffed but satisfied. Who said you can’t get a good meal for a $100 in Sydney.

So that’s it then, a day that started off really dull actually turned out alright. Now I just have to get a goodnight sleep and be mentally prepared to clean this mess that I call my room!

Till Next Time!

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