Samsung PS50B850 – Delivered Today w00t!

It’s a good day today! Got up this morning, Donna & I went to our local Good Guys store, before you know it we just became the owner of the only Samsung PS50B850 Ultra Slim plasma they had in store and two hours later, took delivery of it and it now sits proudly (still in its box) in the lounge room. As a bonus, we later found out after purchasing the tv that Samsung started their promotion again yesterday for the free 22″ LCD TV if you purchase the following models from their range:

LA40B650, LA46B650 & LA55B650,
LA40B750, LA46B750 & LA52B750,
LA46A950, LA55A950

PS63B680, PS50B850 & PS58B850

UA40B6000, UA46B6000 & UA55B6000
UA40B7100, UA46B7100 & UA55B7100
UA46B8000 & UA55B8000

Offers closes 31 July (or until the 15,000 are gone).

The Free TV is: LA22B450

Pictures of PS50B850:


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