Samsung PS63C7000 3D Plasma

It has been 12 months since I bought the Series 8 Samsung plasma and as much as I love this tv, I was thinking the time may have come for a replacement. It’s amazing how my tv had become almost obsolete in just over 12 months. Paying almost $4K for it in the first quarter of 2009, now the same tv can be had for $1600, not much of an investment is it. Given that I don’t have the budget, I have forcefully distanced myself from all the latest & greatest gadgetry that has been released in the last year. The only exception being the iPhone 3GS and even that’s been overshadowed by the new iPhone 4.0. There is just no way to keep up with the bleeding edge technology unless you have surplus of cash with no financial commitments. Being out of touch with the current tv panels and quite curious of this 3D panels that has emerged, I took a quick visit at the Samsung website & I found the next plasma that will hopefully sit in my lounge room.

Samsung Plasma 7000 PS63C7000 Click here for the Full Specs

At first glance it doesn’t it doesn’t look any different to the Series 8 plasma with its slim design and brushed metallic finish. The feature that caught my attention was the built in PVR (Extended PVR) which allows you to plug in a USB or external HDD and set the time/day to record your favourite shows. This panel also boasts that it now consumes 40% less power that the 2009 model which I guess brings it in line with its LED & LCD cousins. Internet@TV features applications that allows you to organise, add and delete content via its Samsung Applications library – it’s like a 63″ iPhone. 🙂 I just hope and pray that Samsung has ironed out the kinks in their DLNA implementation which is now called the “Allshare”. DTS pass through would be excellent but I’ve yet to confirm whether that is one of the included features.

A built-in networked media player with full blown support for most type of codecs may seem a lot to ask for but if they can somehow implement a Popcorn Hour style package within that 30mm panel, I would be happy to pay an extra couple of hundred dollars for it. Right now it supports various different audio/video codecs which is enough to keep masses happy but why not just go all the way.

This table shows the supported video formats and audio codec, please use this as a guide…firmware releases may have change codec support.

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