Student sues airline for $1.5 million over lost Xbox 360

A Yale University student from Ohio has filed a lawsuit seeking US$1 million (A$1.5 million) from US Airways for a video game console he says was taken from his luggage.

Twenty-one-year-old Jesse Maiman alleges that during a flight from New Haven, Conneticuit to Cincinnati in December, his Xbox 360 with a specialized hard drive disappeared from his luggage.

Maiman says he got what he called “an unconscionable run-around” from the airline. He’s asking $1700 (A$2590) for the loss of the gaming system and for the maximum damages allowable, or $1 million.

Maiman filed the suit Monday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.

A US Airways spokeswoman said the airline was unaware of the suit but noted that the government limits liability for lost luggage to US$3300 (A$5040) per bag.

A specialised hard drive? what the f*ck does that even mean…

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