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The new Audi RS3

Around 18 months ago I was posting and raving on about the fastest production 4-cylinder car in the world, the Mercedes AMG A45. I was dismayed however with the price of this vehicle when it hit the Australian market, such was the demand for the car that those that managed to secure one were reselling it for $10k more than what they are worth. Most likely giving it a bit of a hammering first before selling it. I knew then that owning the A45 wouldn’t be practical choice for a family car.

Mercedes-Benz AMG A45

A few days ago I posted a concept car from Citroen called the DS4 Racing, unfortunately it doesn’t look like this car will ever go into production anytime soon. After being tortured by the unbelievable acceleration of a friend’s Ferrari 360 Modena, I find myself wanting something a bit nippier and since I cannot afford […]