Taking the 20″ Plunge

After numerous weeks of research and contemplating as to which monitor it is that I should buy, I finally settled for not one but two Dell 2005FPW 20″ LCD Displays – the only real problem now is finding the deskspace to accomodate them. I pondered alot and look through eBay, Graysonline and even the Trading Post for something that would remotely resemble a “bargain” and each time it would either be “fraud” or I get outbidded, or just got cold feet and stopped bidding.

There is currently a bulkbuy offer for a 24″ Dell 2405FPW for a decent price of just $1250 through Bulkbuyer.com.au seems mighty tempting at the time given that Dell retails this for $1699 which would give me a $449 saving. I was halfway through putting the order through when the “what if” questions started entering my head. I couldn’t justify spending the same amount of money and I was only getting one monitor so I thought why not a get a combined total of 37″ of desktop real estate and get two Dell 20″ LCD’s. While I was searching for other reviews I decided to go to Whirlpool and there I found a link to the Dell Factory Outlet and this is what it states on the products that offered through this outlet…

Pre-configured new systems are returned systems which are unused. The system undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that the carton box packaging remains unopened by any party and the operating system license seal remains intact.

Dell will verify that the Original Dell Security Seal over the carton box is not broken or tampered with.

Of course this doesnt directly apply to monitors but talks about the pre-configured desktops that are available but you get the idea. The downside to this very attracting deal is that there is absolutely no warranty offered for the monitors that I have purchased. The saleswoman did mention that I can have 14 days to try it out to make sure that I am completely happy with these monitors and I can either send them back at my cost to get a full refund.

Here are the technical specs and description straight from the Dell Website:

The DellTM UltraSharpTM 2005FPW 20.1-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor is a wide aspect desktop display that redefines the performance of LCD displays with a stylish new Dell industrial design, and advanced functionality. Watch DVDs in natural format and run multiple applications simultaneously. Improve productivity with less scrolling and toggling. The 2005FPW wide aspect Flat Panel LCD also provides an excellent option for video editing and 3D imaging as both source and destination video can be viewed in a single window! With 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 located on the side, the DellTM 2005FPW gives users convenient access points to plug in devices such as keyboards, digital cameras, secondary hard drives and printers. It also supports advanced features such as PIP (picture in picture) and PBP (picture by picture) and can be activated with a touch of a button on the front of the display. With 5.1 inches (130 mm) of height adjustment virtually every user can adjust the display to their exact comfort level and help reduce eye and neck strain.

DellTM 2005fpw

* Cutting-edge technology, with a design that’s well-suited for environments where space is at a premium
* Less bulk, weight, and depth than comparable CRT monitors
* Clear, sharp images even at maximum brightness
* Can work in areas of high electromagnetic interference without noticeable distortion
* Can accept a variety of video inputs – analog,digital, S-Video and Composite.
* Energy Star® compliant
* LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) flat panel monitors provide exceptionally clear, sharp, flicker-free images, with none of the image distortion CRTs are prone to. They reduce eyestrain and fatigue, thereby helping to increase productivity
* Dell-branded monitors undergo exhaustive testing for performance, reliability, durability and compatibility with Dell systems
* Dell-branded monitors are designed to our exacting quality standards and meet or exceed relevant industry standards
* Using DVI with a flat panel will result in better front of screen performance with crisper and clearer images.
* Using a DVI graphics card with a DVI flat panel provides a seamless digital connection – the signal doesn’t have to be converted from digital to analog then back to digital again.

UltraSharp Display
Bullet Yes

Monitor Size
Bullet 20″ Wide-Screen

Optimal Preset Resolution
Bullet 1680 x 1050

Viewable Image Size VIS

Monitor Type
Active matrix TFT LCD

Pixel Pitch

Response time
Typical 12 ms

300 nits

Contrast Ratio

Horizontal Viewing Angle
Typical +/- 88

Video Input Connector Type
15-pin D-sub (VGA), DVI-D, S-video, composite

Height adjustable stand


AS500 compatible

VESA wall mount compatible
Yes 100mm

Panel pivot rotation

Horizontal scan range
31 – 80 kHz

Vertical scan range
56 – 76 Hz

Dimensions (inches)
Height Extended – 22.4 inches / 570.2mm
Height Compressed – 15.3 inches / 388.9 mm
Width – 18.6 inches / 472.3 mm
Depth – 9 inches / 228.7 mm

17.62 lbs

Will provide update when I get them..

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