The Celebration

An engagement is not complete until you’ve organised an “Engagement Party” which is almost like a small dress rehearsal for the big day but slightly on the lower scale, but that doesn’t mean it comes with less stress. Lucky for us we’ve also just purchased our first home so that’s an added bonus. Between organising our finances and documents, as well as Donna’s uni commitments we have to work out invitations, catering and marquees. It is enough to drive a sane man crazy.

Credit must go to Donna though, she’s superhuman an unbelievable ability to get through the pressure even if sometimes it looks like she’s about to crack, she powers on. I try not to add to the stress and at times I do fail miserably but I do try my best to stay out of her way and be as helpful as I can possibly be. We agreed that the engagement will be her project, she will be at the helm to steer it along and I’ll be her XO and I promised that whatever I lack in this one, I will make up for the wedding.

Let’s get back to the engagement party – Our initial plan was to have the engagement party at Boronia House in Mosman which is a very nice venue, it is a heritage listed house built in 1885 which was refurbished in 1997. We were quoted about $6000 for 100 guests which included a $1000 bar tab if I’m not mistaken. All of this changed when we secured the house in Lalor Park and realised that it will be financially irresponsible to spend that much money when we can have the party at our house. Making it into a House Warming/Engagement party kills two birds with one stone.

We are still approximately seven weeks away from the party and most of the invitations have been sent, food have been somewhat organised, registry has been set and another thing that we’re hoping for is that the people occupying the house moves out on or before settlement date which is 5th of July. Fingers crossed!