The Final 2010 – Movie Review

I thought I have had a fairly good run in judging a movie by it’s cover but last night it went horribly wrong. A movie with a cast of mostly unknowns didn’t help improve the movie’s lack of quality and 93 minutes of my life was wasted. Most of the casts were white kids with a token Indian and an African-American thrown in but no Asians, weird huh? I can only describe my emotions for 93 minutes as numb, annoyed and a bit of laughter out of sheer pity at how crap this movie was. The “revenge of the nerds” (outcasts) has been done before and done much better I might add, the plot had some substance but it was poorly interpreted. By the final third of the movie it was apparent that this was a mish-mash of Saw, Hostel and a tribute to the Columbine massacre. Even two of the characters resembled Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. What I found more amusing was that this movie was actually rated 5.4 out of 10 on IMDB with just under two thousand votes. That was enough to mislead me into thinking this movie was worth watching.

Some scenes were just too painful to watch and Justin Arnold who plays one of the main bullies (Bradley) I suspect will remain in the minor leagues throughout his acting career. There were a lot of parts of this movie I remember 12 hours after watching it, not because it was good, it’s because it didn’t make sense. I remember the Indian kid having three lines during the entire movie and the director must have realised how useless his character was because he was the first one to die.

For me this movie doesn’t deserve more than two paragraphs to describe how awful it is. It is however well titled “The Final’ because I can guarantee you, it will be the last time you’ll watch it. Give the copy of the movie away to someone you don’t like or just delete it from your hard drive. That’s what I did.

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