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Classic Calla lilies

I haven’t had anything to do with the flower choice for the wedding so far but after seeing some of the over the top arrangements that some filipino couples have chosen Donna & I decided to maintain the “simple but elegant” theme. We had Calla Lillies at our engagement parties and there was no reason why we shouldn’t carry that over to the wedding & the reception.

Just to give you a bit of information on Calla Lilies, they are one of the most elegant wedding flowers available and this elegant flower represents “magnificent beauty.” Calla lilies originated in Africa but can be found nowadays virtually anywhere. These flowers feature a large, trumpet – shaped bloom, which rests gently in a smooth stem.

These beautiful flowers have been often portrayed in paintings; Diego Rivera, the Mexican painter included these flowers in his pieces of art regularly.

Standard callas are easy to arrange and to maintain. They are particularly used in tall arrangements or presentation bouquets. Standard callas can be used by themselves or with fillers for a chic yet simple look. White is the most popular color available; however, there are two varieties, the Diva Maria and Green Goddess which are also perfect options for weddings.

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