This American Idol Reject Is Scary – Nick Zitzman

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Ok, this guy Nicholas Or Nick Zitzman who appeared on the American Idol audition show last Wednesday. One strange fella for sure, within the first 8 seconds we are alerted twice that this guy is “just not quite right” as he worries about how he tells people where he is from.

“My name is Nick Zitzman and I am a software engineer from Mid-Vail Utah, and that is near the Salt Lake Area. I’m … I’m sorry because it’s not near the Salt Lake Area …. it’s in the Salt Lake Area … hee hee”.

Now once he finally finishes that sentence wait for the throat clearing …

So here is what we know about this cat in under ten seconds:

1. He works with computers … that lets us know he does not interact often with “people” often…..
2. In strange manner he corrects himself with the whole “Salt Lake Area” thing ….

So anyway on with his interview prior to him singing …about 50 seconds into the video clip Ryan asks “Nick” how he got interested in coming down for the auditions and Nicholas responds with:

“Because I was actually encouraged to come out here by my co-workers and ….”

Then Ryan jumps in and says

“And, they have heard you sing”?

Nicholas Replies:

“No, they have not actually. They heard a few instrumental demo’s I had recorded.”

Ryan Replies:

Instrumental ???

Anyway, this is pretty funny … however the singing went on far too long. They should have cut him loose right away, poor dude.

I must warn you about the second video people. Please take caution when both watching and listening to it.