Threat Alert – “Here You Have” Worm

A new internet work dubbed “Here You Have” has been propagating into the worlwide inboxes carrying a dangerous payload according to McAfee Labs. It is believed that corporate America has been hit hard and has already been sighted at ABC/Disney, Google, Coca Cola and NASA. Comcast is one of the largest cable operator and ISP in america had to shut down their email servers after it was hit with the virus.

E-mails that carry the virus contain a link that encourages readers to click on a PDF document file. But rather than a PDF, the file contains a Windows script that transmits a virus and spams the entire contact list of the person who opened the file. The file may also be a video attachment which sends the end user to a link which contain a malicious program to disable security software.

The Hook: You receive a spam email with the subject line “Here you have,” or “Just for you,” and a link or attachment that looks like it leads to a video or document file. It may appear that the email comes from someone you know.

The Methods: The email invites you to click on the link, and once you do it prompts you to download a file. This file is actually malware that disables the security software on your machine and sends itself to everyone listed as a contact in your address book.

The Dangers: Once you are infected, your computer has diminished security protection. Your machine is also being used to spam your friends and contacts. If you are on a corporate network, the network could be clogged as the worm works its way through address books.

Bottom Line: Do not click on the link in any email with the subject header “Here you have,” or “Just for you,” even if it appears to be from someone you know.

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