Trust Relationship Between Workstation and Domain Fails

If your laptop/workstation is part of a domain and you’ve found yourself with this particular error, here are a number of ways to fix it.

I encountered this issue when I logged in to a virtual machine image of a notebook that I was using for work. The error occured because I had changed my domain password since the last time I logged in to this particular vm. According to Microsoft the cause as stated on the KB is:

“The computer’s machine account has the incorrect role or its password has become mismatched with that of the domain database.”


Log on locally as a local administrator. In the Network tool of Control Panel, select Change and enter a Workgroup name, leaving the domain. Restart the computer and log on locally as a local administrator.

There are two methods to rejoin the domain:
You can join the domain from the client if at the same time you can provide an administrator username and password on the domain.

You can delete the existing computer account in Server Manager, recreate the computer account, synchronize the domain, and then on the client rejoin the domain.


I used the first step whic resolved my issue. Please note that you need to provide an Administrator username and password for you to be able toremove the workstation and to re join the Domain.

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