Upgrade 2006 – Chimera

I’ve decided to do away with my wishlist as it seems almost impossible to achieve it unless a long lost “rich” relative left me a huge amount of money or I win the next lottery draw. Anyways I’ve decided that I will give myself 6-9 Months until the next Chimera Upgrade is complete. Notice that I have also named the PC project Chimera, well there is a reason behind that. You see the word Chimera means the following:

chimera ky-MIR-uh, noun:
1. (Capitalized) A fire-breathing she-monster represented as having a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.
2. Any imaginary monster made up of grotesquely incongruous parts.
3. An illusion or mental fabrication; a grotesque product of the imagination.
4. An individual, organ, or part consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution, produced as a result of organ transplant, grafting, or genetic engineering.

It’s the last meaning there struck me the most when I was thinking of a new domain name that I can register, so I started searching for alternate words for dream, fantasy and so on. This is how I came accross Chimera which was included in the list of suggested alteranatives. The last definition there is what grabbed my attention the most, I’m the least poetic person that you could possibly know but there was something that drew me to this noun. When thinking about my next PC upgrade I wanted to make and individual statement, I wanted my PC to be something, that captures me as a person. Others have their cars, motorcycles, boats etc. I have my PC, which is my passion.

Building your own PC provides an excitement or a thrill that can be found when building/modifying your car/bike and see it in action, performing exactly the way you want it to be. Building your own PC is a project. Whether you know a lot about using a PC or very little at all, by designing your own machine you stand to benefit from a large amount of information about a PC’s parts and how they work together. Being your own Head Engineer you will discover the importance of cosmetics and options for PCs that you can’t order from Dell or HP. “Intel versus AMD” and “ATI versus nVidia” will no longer be headlines you gloss over while hunting for the crossword in the paper. You’ll come to understand physical sockets, slots, and their capabilities as you choose your masterwork’s CPU, graphics card, sound card, and memory. The intricacies of buses and point-to-point connections will quickly become old hat as you install various storage devices. Pretty soon you’ll be discussing water-cooled CPUs.

The Goal

The goal of this project is to build a personalized PC for myself, during these 9 months, I will document the research that I will perform as well as the plans to save the cash to fund the components that I’m going to need. I am well aware that there will be a significant change in the components list by the time the project is due to be completed but that is the whole point. During the course of these nine months I will be able to document the change in technology the price fluctuation of PC components. At the end of the 9 months, I will have a complete system, ready to be tested and put through a rigorous testing through synthetic benchmarks and whatever I can get my hands on.

So good luck to me!

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