Valentines Day – Yay! =|

Valentines day is upon us again and I can almost see the overwhelming excitement in mens faces as they get up in the early hours of this morning preparing to go to work. I bet there are those frantically searching for last minute surprises. I pity those poor souls.

I tell you what I did this morning, I woke up an hour before my alarm went off at five and casually turned around to Donna and said “Happy Valentines Day…baby!” – then fell asleep again. Not sure what I was thinking really, but the male instinct came to the fore and got up by making sure I made the first greeting. Shows that Valentines day is somewhat present in my normally grumpy self. =)

Not only that, I also participated in the search for a restaurant to have dinner tonight. I didn’t decide where to have dinner of course, I just merely clicked through what seemed like every single fine dining restaurant listing in Sydney. Prices ranged from $90-$185 a head, she finally settled for Bel Mondo at The Rocks, not sure what that’s going to cost me but I’m sure it will be plenty. I’ll just have a glass of water thanks! I’ve already had two slices of wholemeal toast and vegemite today.