Wedding Day Eve!

As we get closer to the wedding, there are butterflies currently present in my stomache. Yesterday we walked to the church where the wedding is to be held and I must say I’m both excited and privileged to be a part of something that is unique. So far all preparations are in order and most of the guests have arrived in the hotel where we have been staying for the last 5 days.


Before I go further with the wedding, I just wanted to write how wonderful this place is and I’ll be looking for other excuses to return here for a European summer holiday. Everything is reasonably priced and you can grab a cold beer for approximately $1.50AUD – how good is that!!! A few nights ago seven of us went out in to town where most tourists hang out and sat in a bar where we had about 50 drinks, a mixture of cocktails and shooters. The value is phenomenal, in Sydney this would have been a very expensive night but here it cost us about $130AUD between seven people that is fantastic. The food is also cheap, you can get a cab to the orhid city centre for 250 MKD which is about 6 bucks.


Last night we had our final drinks for Adam, we stayed out until about 5 am and spend about 12000MKD which is bugger all, it was the first time in many months that I can recall being that drunk. There was a big group of us and we danced the night away by ourselves because apparently Macedonians dont dance much. Adam has had his last drinks as a single man and I think he made the most of it.


The wedding tomorrow will be a long one, it will start early in the morning and last long into the night. We are looking forward to and I’m in the process of practicing my best man’s speech. We have taken hundreds of photos between us and I will enjoy looking back on these photos for many years to come. It’s hard to imagine that we are only seven days into our holiday and we have about 4 weeks to go, if every day is going to be like the days that I have had here in Orhid then I may not want to go back to work!

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